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Trillium Therapy & Healing Design

Gentle, relational psychotherapy &
the healing power of plant friendship


Individual Therapy 

Be held with kindness and skill to explore your inner thoughts, emotions, hurts, conflicts, gifts, and longings. 


All parts of you are welcome. I hold your painful experiences, all facets of your personality, and your innate wisdom with care, respect, and belief in your basic goodness.

Available for Colorado Residents


Trauma Therapy 

Digest and re-pattern traumatic experiences and increase choice, self-connection, and connection to the things you love through EMDR trauma therapy. 


EMDR is an evidenced-based approach that brings your innate healing capacities into a process of memory reconsolidation, and draws on our combined intuition and creativity.

Available for Colorado Residents



Work with dreams and nightmares using therapeutic techniques that support safety and connection, and uncover guidance and wisdom for you, the dreamer.

Available for Colorado Residents


Healing Gardens

Discover the healing power of plants and gardens to delight your heart, ground and support your nervous system, and nourish your spirit. 

Available in the South Puget Sound Region of Washington State

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I offer a gentle and relational approach to therapy that utilizes EMDR, Gestalt, nature-based, and Polyvagal techniques to support clients in processing trauma, connecting with creativity, and cultivating self-friendship and deep healing.

I approach garden design from the perspective that humans and plants have co-evolved and have the capacity to connect in surprising and beautiful ways. 

About me

Hi, I'm Lily Sepha Blodgett.


 I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate in the state of Colorado under the supervision of Judy Innes, LPC and Amelie Bracher, LPC and an experienced garden designer.

I love listening deeply to people, land, and plants and to collaborate in healing processes.

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